06.03.18 – Marginal Consort

June 3, 2018, 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Zebulon Café Los Angeles
2478 Fletcher Dr.
Los Angeles, CA

Black Editions Presents: is proud to present the Los Angeles Premier Performance of MARGINAL CONSORT.

Marginal Consort is one of the longest running and important improvisation performance groups to emerge out of Japan in the 20th Century. The group is a meeting of four distinguished artists: KAZUO IMAI, KEI SHII, MASAMI TADA and TOMONAO KOSHIKAWA- each of whom have significant bodies of work in their own right. Together they have explored a form of playful and unpredictable long-form improvisations over the last 40 years. Aside from immediate reference points of the Taj Mahal Travellers and the East Bionic Symphonia, Marginal Consort might be seen to exist in a universe not too distant from those of other pioneering groups such MEV, AMM and Los Angeles’s own LAFMS.

As NYC’s Blank Forms has put it:
Marginal Consort is a Japanese collective improvisation group founded by members of East Bionic Symphonia, an outfit assembled from students of Fluxus artist Takehisa Kosugi’s class at the radical Bigaku school of aesthetics in Tokyo in the ‘70s. Meeting only once each year since their formation in 1996, Marginal Consort discuss nothing before their annual performances, preferring to gather as a collective of horizontally organized independent solos rather than a cohesive goal-oriented ensemble. The start and end times are the only fixed elements in their longform happenings, usually lasting two-to-four hours and featuring the players spread out across the performance space, distant enough to concentrate on perfecting their own work without distraction. Separate, yet together, they become entangled without subsumption into a whole, with the audience invited to mill about or recline on the floor, each creating their own subjective experience of the performance. Marginal Consort use established and homemade acoustic instruments, electronics, bamboo sticks, marbles, water, and other objects to realize their interpenetrating sonic constructs, but also incorporate actions that do not have sound production as their object. Current participants are former Taj-Mahal Traveller Kazuo Imai, engineer Kei Shii, artist and Gap member Masami Tada, and musician Tomonao Koshikawa. Their records together have been released by P.S.F. and PAN. Blank Forms, in cooperation with Black Editions, has organized two shows for Marginal Consort, who will make a rare break from their once-yearly concert tradition to convene in New York on June 1st and in Los Angeles on June 3rd.

This concert is being produced in conjunction with Blank Forms NYC and The Unwrinkled Ear Concert Series.
Additional support has been provided by The Arts Council Tokyo.