“Trying to stop people from blending into the background.”
An interview with Makoto Kawashima, the last P.S.F. artist.

Though he has played the saxophone for just over 10 years, Makoto Kawashima has emerged as one of the most original improvisers in a new generation of Japanese players. His releases on his own Homosacer label as well as on … Continue reading

“Off Kilter and in the Pocket at the Same Time”
Che Chen recalls the beginnings of his collaborations with Chie Mukai and his first encounter with Ché-SHIZU’s album “A Journey”

Che Chen is a New York based multi-instrumental artist who is currently one half of the band 75 Dollar Bill. He is also known for his numerous collaborations including releasing music with Chie Mukai, Tetuzi Akiyama and Tashi Dorji. He … Continue reading

“A world that achieves a balance or harmony…”
Winter 1997: Interview no. 2 with Chie Mukai from G-Modern Vol. 14

This interview with Chie Mukai is the second of two first published in G-Modern Volume 14 during the winter of 1996-97. (The first interview can be found here.) It was conducted by Fumio Kosakai on December 31, 1996. Kosakai is best known … Continue reading

“Anything was fine, as long as it was different from what others were doing”
Winter 1997: Interview no. 1 with Chie Mukai from G-Modern Vol. 14

The following is the first of two interviews with Chie Mukai that were published in G-Modern Volume 14 during the winter of 1996-97. This interview was conducted by Kimiko Isaki on December 23, 1996 in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo. The translation was … Continue reading

“The thing I care the most about is tone”
September 1995: An interview with Phew from G-Modern #9
+ 3 album reviews

The following interview was first printed in G-Modern Vol. 9 which was published in the autumn of 1995. It was conducted shortly after Phew had completed recording and mastering her album Himitsu no Knife which was released by the Creativeman Disc … Continue reading

“I thought it would be good to be somewhere where there would be hardly any passersby.”
An interview with Hideo Ikeezumi on his formative years and the beginnings of Modern Music and P.S.F. Records

The following was originally presented in Takeshi Gōda’s 2017 book, Chika ongaku e no shōtai (An Invitation to Underground Music) edited by Akira Kato and published by Loft Books, Japan. The book is a unique, multi-layered exploration of the Japanese underground of … Continue reading

November 1996: “I was a strange kid with no ambitions”
Asahito Nanjo Interview, Opprobrium Issue 3

The following interview and images were first printed in the third issue of Opprobrium, a key underground music magazine published in New Zealand and edited by Nick Cain during the 1990’s. The interview itself is expansive. Nanjo is known for … Continue reading

June 2017: “Could You Write ‘Tokyo Flashback’ Here?”
You Ishihara’s Reflections on Hideo Ikeezumi

You Ishihara of White Heaven Looks Back: The Origins of “Tokyo Flashback”, Modern Music and the “Brilliance and Enigma” of Hideo Ikeezumi June 29, 2017MM Yomoyama Banashi (MM This and That) by You Ishihara Translated by Taketo Shimada from the original … Continue reading

1981: AMALGM Issue #7, Pinakotheca Records Newsletter

Images courtesy Satoshi Sonoda. Translations by Taketo Shimada. AMALGM #7, Page 1: Concert listing for one of Haino’s earliest collaborations with a non-Japanese musician. As a result of the meeting, Frith would become one of the first to instroduce the Watashi … Continue reading

“Like an Antithetical Keiji Haino”
A conversation with Keiji Haino on his early years and Watashi Dake?

Interview conducted on January 29, 2017 in Kawagoe by Takeshi Goda. English translation and notes by Alan Cummings. H = Keiji HainoG = Takeshi Goda G: How did you first come to perform at Kichijōji Minor? H: At the time … Continue reading

Creating Music from a Place of Absolute Nothingness:
The Origins of Keiji Haino’s Watashi Dake?

This piece draws from an interview conducted by Takeshi Goda with Keiji Haino on January 29, 2017 in Kawagoe.

Over the last 50 years, few musicians or performers have created as monumental and uncompromising a body of work as that of Keiji Haino. Through a vast number of recordings and performances, Haino has staked out a ground all his own—creating a language of unparalleled intensity that defies any simple classification. Continue reading

July 2000: “Narcotic Psychedelia” Playlist and Notes by Hideo Ikeezumi
Studio Voice Vol. 295, Issue 7

Artist Playlist 1 – Hideo Ikeezumi (Modern Music) Japan was a third-world country in terms of rock music – there weren’t any bands here that truly captured the essence of psychedelic music in the late 60s while seemingly the whole outside … Continue reading