BE-002/002: High Rise II Deluxe LP

High Rise – High Rise II
Deluxe LP Editions
Available Now.

Black Editions is proud to present the definitive edition of
High Rise’s classic 1986 album “High Rise II”.
Newly mixed and mastered by Nanjo Asahito and featuring restored original LP artwork with heavy textured jacket and metallic ink printing.

Regular LP and Special Edition LP + “Tapes” Bundle
Black Editions, BE-002/002
$20-$32 + Shipping
Release date: January 26, 2018

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Various Artists “Tokyo Flashback” Deluxe 2LP
Available Now.

Featuring: High Rise, Ghost, White Heaven, Fushitsusha, Kousokuya,
Marble Sheep & The Run-Down Sun’s Children, Verzerk, and Keiji Haino.

2LP Vinyl with digital download, Black Editions (BE-001/012)
Black Editions, BE-001/012
Available now:

$36 + Shipping

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BE-000: Watashi Dake?

Keiji Haino – Watashi Dake?

Black Editions, BE-000
Deluxe Vinyl LP with Digital Download
Available Now
$22 + Shipping

Keiji Haino’s classic debut album will be available on vinyl for the first time since 1981 and for the first time ever as originally intended by the artist- in a special gold and silver edition.

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