1981: AMALGM Issue #7, Pinakotheca Records Newsletter

Images courtesy Satoshi Sonoda.
Translations by Taketo Shimada.

AMALGM #7, Page 1:

Concert listing for one of Haino’s earliest collaborations with a non-Japanese musician.
As a result of the meeting, Frith would become one of the first to instroduce the Watashi Dake? LP outside of Japan- sharing it with the likes of Christian Marclay, John Zorn, Bill Laswell and David Moss.1

Keiji Haino + Fred Frith Duo Live
Date: Tuesday, July 21, 6:30PM –

Ticket: ¥1800 (member, advanced), ¥2000 (general admission)
Venue: Studio-200 (Seibu Department Store, Ikebukuro, 8th Floor)

If the purposeful intemperance in the guitar playing of Fred Frith leads one to step over the enclosure that surrounds “intellect”, the vocal work of Keiji Haino is a carefully placed trap that prompts you to move beyond “sensibility”. All we can do is to spin around in dizzying speed like a lost compass needle as we witness the collision of the two antithetical nuclei that expose the “myth” of rock music under broad daylight. (Kenichi Takeda)

AMALGM #7, Page 3:

Upcoming concert listings including:

– Tengoku Chusha no Hiru
Date: Saturday, August 15, 11AM – 8PM

Ticket: ¥1000 (advanced), ¥1300 (general admission)
Artists: Keiko, Phew & A-Musik, Gunjogacrayon, Taco, Pungo, Auschwitz, Mada, Fushitsusha, Cockc’ Nell etc.

– Independent Records Fes’, Flight 7 Day
Date: August 24 – 29 (all-nighter on the 29th)

Venue: Shnjuku Loft, tel: 03-365-0698
Made possible by: City Rocker, Pinakotheca, Political, Telegraph, Aspirin, Altamila, Cragal, Smartlooking, TsuruKame, Kinniku Bijo, Unbalance, Q P, Club the Star, 100%

Mon, August 24: Non Band, Screen, Nord, Tamio Shiraishi
Tues, August 25: Mizutama Shobodan, Chance Operation Pressure, PTA’s

Wed, August 26: Jungles, Pungo, Stigma, Pablo Picasso
Thurs, August 27: The Stalin, Fushitsusha, Gilles De Rais, Shoichi Miyazawa
Fri, August 28: Hoburakin, Hijokaidan, NG, Auschwitz
Sat, August 29: Daisaku Yoshino & Prostitutes, Cockc’ Nell, Eiyo Boys, Dendo Marionette
Sat, August 29 (after hours): Bananarians, Star Club, Maria 023, Inryo Fuen, Sighing – P Trio, UmBasaraMubaran, etc.

Tickets: ¥1000 + 1 drink (advanced), ¥1200 + 1 drink (general admission), Saturday All Day / Night = ¥2000 + 1 drink (advanced), ¥2200 + 1 drink (general admission)

AMALGM #7, Page 4:


Top left of page, Label note regarding the delayed release date of the Watashi Dake? LP:
“We apologize for the massive delay in the release date of the solo LP by Keiji Haino. We are especially sorry for the people who pre-ordered. It will definitely be delivered to you by late August, or early September at the latest.”

  1. See interview “Like an Antithetical Keiji Haino”